A saddle fitter is a trained equine professional who identifies the best possible saddle fit for horse and rider, to enable them to work together comfortably and effectively, in harmony, without pain or discomfort to either. 

A well-fitting saddle is the essential interface between horse and rider. A correctly-fitting saddle enables you and your horse to perform the best they can, in comfort and happiness. A poorly-fitting saddle will at best leave your horse uncomfortable, stressed and unhappy and at worst will cause him severe and expensive damage.

I am a fully trained saddle Master Saddle Fitting Consultant and I work with you and your horse to find the best saddle for you, your horse, your chosen equine activity or sport, and your budget. 

I can verify the safety, fit and suitability of your existing saddle or fit a new saddle for you and your horse.

I supply new saddles for horses and riders from beginners to professional level, including custom saddles for show jumping and dressage. If I do not have the right saddle for you and your horse in stock I can order and come back to fit exactly what you need included in  the cost of your first consultation.

Contact me today to make an appointment for your saddle fitting consultation.

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